Music makes one feel so romantic - at least it always gets on one's nerves - which is the same thing nowadays. Oscar Wilde

About Max

The composer Max I. Milian studied jazz-drums and classical piano in Munich at the Richard-Strauss-Conservatory / Musikhochschule München from 2004-2008. After a scholarship to the Hollywood-Workshop at the University of California Los Angeles in August 2011 he finished his master studies in filmmusic in April 2012 at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. One of Max I. Milian's first movies, the animation „Chop Suey“, was honored with the Short-Tiger-Award by German Films and celebrated its international premiere at the Film Festival in Cannes.


After his studies Max I. Milian moved back to Munich composing for theatre, film, TV and commercial productions for companies. As Tonmeister he directed filmmusic-, vocal-, speech- and synchronisation recordings in his own sound studio until 2015, and for five years until 2020 in the recording studio of the european patent office.

As film composer in Germany and Austria Max I. Milian works closely together with the director, focusing on story telling with guiding themes in sounds and music.

With over 20 years of work experience and collaboration with a variety of artists, his sound diversity is very extensive. With empathy and passion Max adapts to the team and circumstances.



10th international film music competition 2022

Composition for symphony orchestra
More about The Foundling - the film of competition by Barney Cokeliss

December 2022

Arrangement of an Jazzy Threatre Play

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July 2022

Complete score for theatre „Brandner Kaspar“
Arrangement for chamber orchestra

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March 2022

Max and Moritz - Music story for orchestra and speaker
composition while scholarship by GVL / Neustart Kultur


1 · Piano On Air - Theme · Theatrical melody · 0:45
2 · Faust I - Mephistos Tanz · Orchestral · 3:02
3 · Marie's Theme - Jazzy Intro · Animation for kids · 0:24
4 · AI Motion Light · Corporate music · 3:32
  • Max I. Milian, Komponist, Film, Theater, München, Salzburg, Composer, Germany, Austria
    Modern / Minimal
  • Max I. Milian, Komponist, Arrangeur, Dirigent, Filmmusik München
    Orchestral Music
  • Max I. Milian, Komponist, Film, Theater, München, Salzburg, Composer, Germany, Austria, Bühnenmusik, Theater, FIlm, Livemusik, Jazz
  • Max I. Milian, Komponist, Film, Theater, München, Salzburg, Composer, Germany, Austria
    Music for corporate films

Who brings a lot, brings something that will pass:
And everyone goes home contentedly.

Here you'll find a portfolio with some examples of Max I. Milian's compositions, film and theatre works.



Einem Komponisten stellt sich immer wieder die Frage, wie sich die vermeintlichen Grenzen zwischen musikalischen Gattungen überschreiten lassen, um neue Klangbilder zu erzeugen.
Für Musik ist es wichtig, dass ihre Eigenständigkeit nicht verloren geht, unabhängig von jedem Bild ihrem eigenen Tempo und Rhythmus folgt, damit beim Zuhörer eigene Bilder und Geschichten entstehen können.
Was wäre die Theaterbühne ohne Musik?


Die Instrumentierung jedes Stückes macht erst die Musik
Erstellung der musikalischen Fassung und Korrepetition
Ein gutes Notenbild wirkt sich direkt auf das hörbare Ergebnis aus


Süddeutsche Zeitung

Max I. Milian's compositions transforms the theatrical play into cinema á la Hollywood.

Congenial, mystic and sinfonic scores that transports the happening to a level, in which music is able to express, what words and gestures can't tell.

Dorothea Friedrich



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